Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oscar Peterson Trio - Saturday Night at the Blue Note (1991)

Oscar Peterson Trio - Saturday Night at the Blue Note (1991)
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Genre ~ Bop, Piano Jazz | Label ~ Telarc Records

Of the many "reunions" of the now truly legendary Oscar Peterson Trio (feat. Herb Ellis and Ray Brown), this is certainly the best. Recorded at New York's "Blue Note" Jazz Club, the Trio (ably supported by drummer Bobby Durham) was clearly enjoying itself when it dug into old classics (You Look Good To Me, Reunion Blues) or newer tunes by Peterson himself (Nighttime, Song to Elitha). Peterson in his pre-stroke days weaves his usual spell, dazzling everybody with amazing displays of his technique, as in the rousing "Reunion Blues". He he also proves that he can swing gently and with feel, as in "You Look Good to Me", or convey deeper, moving renditions, as in his own "Nighttime", which is my favourite. Watch out for a great example of understatement after Ray Brown has finished his solo! The interplay of the three is really amazing, and the deep felt sincerity they display on every tune makes this an outstanding listening experience. If you think that some of his '50s recordings were to shallow, or if you are simply looking for the perfect Oscar Peterson record, this is the best you can get. (And if you cannot get enough, watch out for the other three records, especially "Encore at the Blue Note" with a particularly moving rendition of "Here's That Rainy Day".)


1. Kelly's Blues
2. Nighttime
3. Medley: Love Ballad/ If You Only Knew
4. You Look Good To Me
5. Old Folks
6. Reunion Blues
7. Song to Elitha

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