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Sarah Vaughan - Verve Jazz Masters.42: The Jazz Sides (1995) [PolyGram/Verve]

Sarah Vaughan - Verve Jazz Masters.42: The Jazz Sides (1995) [PolyGram/Verve]
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Genre ~ Vocal Jazz, Standards | Label ~ PolyGram/Verve

Modern jazz, with its emphasis on the cool, can often warp a song beyond recognition. As the performer experiments and tinkers with tunes, this sometimes means a substitution of technical brilliance for simplicity. Sarah Vaughan, however, can be wildly innovative and still score a direct hit in the ears and hearts of her audience. For instance, Vaughan's version of "I Feel Pretty" captures all the charm of the WEST SIDE STORY composition, at the same time imbuing it with a singular energy that enhances the song, altering it just enough to thrill the listener. She often changes aspects of a song, improving the piece's dynamics with her sense of tempo and range, such as on "Prelude to a Kiss." She's the proverbial singer who could make the phone book sound good. ~Cduniverse

01. I Cried for You (Now it's Your Turn to Cry Over Me) (2:20)
02. I Feel Pretty (2:27)
03. Words Can't Describe (4:33)
04. Pennies from Heaven (3:07)
05. It's Got to Be Love (2:28)
06. Dancing in the Dark (3:46)
07. Doodlin' (4:35)
08. Prelude to a Kiss (2:47)
09. Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Around a Pug-Nosed Dream) (2:34)
10. The More I See You (5:18)
11. I Left My Heart in San Francisco (4:10)
12. Like Someone in Love (3:06)
13. Body and Soul (3:13)
14. Over the Rainbow (5:16)
15. Misty (6:02)
16. Tenderly (2:29)

Sarah Vaughan - vocals
Frank Wess - alto & tenor saxophones
Marshall Royal - alto saxophone
Frank Foster, Billy Mitchell, Frank Wess - tenor saxophones
Charlie Fowlkes - baritone saxophone
Thad Jones, Wendell Culley, Joe Newman, Snooky Young -trumpets
Freddie Hubbard, Charlie Shavers, Clark Terry - trumpet
Henry Coker, Al Grey, Benny Powell, J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding - trombone
Benny Golson, Phil Woods - woodwinds
Kirk Stuart, Jimmy Jones, Ronnell Bright, John Malachi, Bob James - piano
Freddie Green - guitar
Charles Williams, Richard Davis, Joe Benjamin - bass
George Hughes, Roy Haynes, Sonny Payne - drums

Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark; New York; Chicago, Illinois between 1954-1967
Compilation supervised by Michael Lang
Selected and sequenced by James W. Brumskin
Researched by Ben Young
Mastered by Suha Gur at PolyGram Studios
Notes edited by Peter Pullman
Production coordinated by Aric Lach Morrison
Art designed and directed by Sheryl Lutz-Brown
Layout by Wendi Traub-Cohen
Design coordinated by Nichell Delvaille
Photographs by Paul J. Hoeffler
Executive Producer: Richard Seidel
Liner notes by Robert Baird