Monday, October 17, 2011

Perico Sambeat - Flamenco Big Band (2008)

Perico Sambeat - Flamenco Big Band (2008)
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Genre ~ Big Band, Flamenco | Label ~ Verve Music Group

Perico Sambeat releases the album ‘Flamenco Big Band’. The Valencia-born saxophonist knocks the encounter between flamenco and jazz up a notch by surrounding jondo musicians such as cantaor Miguel Poveda and guitarist Gerardo Núñez with a big band. The recording, released by the unique label Verve, is also taken part in by bailaora Carmen Cortés, percussionist Ángel Sánchez ‘Cepillo’, contrabass player Javier Colina and drummer Marc Miralta, besides piano, saxes, clarinets, flugelhorn, trumpets and trombones. The disc has a total of eight songs, among them, the soleá ‘Soledad sonora’, the bulerías ‘Tío Petila’, the tanguillos ‘Olhaíl - Luz del Sur’ and the opening piece ‘Cauce’, which journeys from the martinete to the bulería. It isn’t the first time that Sambeat has dialogued with flamenco. In his musical career, collaborations stand out with artists of the genre like cantaor Enrique Morente and with pianist Chano Domínguez, besides in projects such as ‘Jazzpaña II’ and ‘New York Flamenco Reunion’.


1- Cauce (martinete, soleá por bulerías, bulerías)
2- Nido del aire (nana)
3- Olhaíl - luz del sur (tanguillos)
4- Nocturno
5- Tio Petila (bulerías)
6- Soledad Sonora (soleá)
-soleá de Morobio
-paseo de las adelfas
7- Como lo oyes (bulerías)
8- Guajira para Duke (guajira)

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